2015 MTS Scholarship Applications

Thank you for your interest in the Marine Technology Society scholarship program. We provide scholarships to students focused on studying marine technology, marine engineering or marine science.

Applications must be submitted online no later than Monday April 20, 2015. Online submission opening soon!


  • Scholarships are for MTS student members only. You may purchase a membership for $25 at http://www.mtsociety.org/membership/new/add.aspx.)
  • You can complete this form in Microsoft Word.
  • You must use the scholarship money in the 2015-2016 academic year.
  • Do not use this application for the ROV Scholarship as it requires a different application.
  • Scholarship money is sent to college Bursar Offices, not to scholarship recipients.  Money is to go towards tuition only and is sent via a check in U.S. currency.

Please check the boxes next to all scholarships for which you are applying. Send only one complete application; your application will be applied toward all scholarships you have checked.
Please note: If you previously received one of the following awards, you are ineligible to apply the following year for the same award.
  Charles H. Bussmann Undergraduate Scholarship (for MTS members who are currently enrolled in college)
  Charles H. Bussmann Graduate Scholarship (for MTS members who are currently enrolled in or have been accepted to graduate school)
  MTS Student Scholarship for Graduate (for MTS members who are currently enrolled and attending graduate school)
  MTS Student Scholarship for Undergraduate Students (for MTS members who are currently enrolled and attending college)
  MTS Student Scholarship for Two-Year Technical, Engineering and Community College Students (for MTS members who are currently enrolled and attending a community or technical college)
  MTS Student Scholarship for Graduating High School Seniors who have been accepted to either a 2-year or 4-year academic program
  John C. Bajus Scholarship (for MTS members enrolled full time in a graduate or undergraduate in a marine-related field who have shown a commitment to community service and/or volunteer activities
  Paros-Digiquartz Scholarship (for MTS members with an interest in marine instrumentation)
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How did you learn about the Marine Technology Society scholarship program?
List of Current Classes:
The Marine Technology Society is interested in providing scholarships to students with a current focus (or future interest) in marine technology, marine engineering and marine science. Please provide an essay (using the space below) of no more than 500 words that includes the following:
  1. Your interest in marine technology
  2. How your interest in marine technology relates to your current field of study
  3. How do you plan to use your degree
  4. If applicable, please include your current use or devlopment of instrumentation or technology
Word count:
Provide the following information for the past two years only by typing inside the boxes (a bulleted list is preferred and no more than 200 words for each category):
Awards, honors and/or academic achievements: (Honors and awards can include Dean's List, Science Fair Awards, National Merit Scholar, etc.)
Word count:
Marine technology, marine engineering and/or marine science related extracurricular school activities (for example: volunteering at a local Ocean Sciences Bowl, local ROV competition, a science or engineering festival, MTS/IEEE OCEANS Conference, local Aquarium, Beach clean-up, underwater clean-up, water quality monitoring program, aquatic animal monitoring program, local association dedicated to marine-related issues, etc.).
Word count:
Marine Technology Development Activities (Paros-Digiquartz Scholarship applicants only). Please be specific as to the type of technology applied, augmented or developed (can include computer models and software):
Word count:
Community Service Activities (John C. Bajus Scholarship applicants only). Please be specific as to how many hours and which organization(s) and type(s) of events comprise your community service efforts:
Word count:
Please do not forget to hit "submit" to complete this application.

Please send the following two documents in paper form to the address below:

ONE letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, professor, advisor, co-op or internship supervisor in a marine-related field that you have studied with or received advice from within the past two years.  For high school seniors, the recommendation must be from a current teacher or counselor in any field however a science teacher is preferred. The signed and dated letter must be on official letterhead, no colored paper, no more than one page, state that it is a letter of recommendation, and addressed to the scholarship committee.

The ONE recommendation letter must state one of the question below and clearly answer it:

  • “How do you think the student will contribute to the science field”
  • “What do you think the student's projected career path will be and why do you think he/she will make a difference in that field?”


ONE reference (character reference) letter from someone you know who IS NOT a teacher, counselor, advisor or professor. This letter is to highlight the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person applying for the scholarship. Suggestions are a neighbor, family friend or volunteer supervisor/coordinator. This letter is NOT a recommendation letter. The letter must be dated, no more than one page, no colored paper, state that it is a letter of reference, signed and addressed to the scholarship committee.

Letters that are received and do not follow the requirements will not be accepted.

An official sealed transcript (or have your school send the document separately to the address below). If a Certified Electronic Transcript (a secure, certified PDF) is available, it must be emailed to scholarships@mtsociety.org by the school registrar's office.  Please note that the transcript must be the must be the most recent one from the school only. Do not send transcripts from previous years.

For John C. Bajus Scholarship applicants, please submit a reference letter from your volunteer supervisor/coordinator. This must be on letterhead or equivalent and specifically account for the volunteer hours described within the application. This may be incorporated into the reference (character reference) letter but hours will need to be clearly stated as well as the reference (character reference) letter requirements.

For high school seniors, proof that you have been accepted to a two-year or four-year academic program (such as an acceptance letter from the program)

Applications that are incomplete or fail to meet the requirements will not be accepted.

Additionally, please no:

  • Staples, bindings or binders
  • Colored paper
  • Two sided documents
  • Photographs
  • Resumes
Mailing address:
 Marine Technology Society
 Student Scholarships
 1100 H Street NW, Suite LL-100
 Washington, DC 20005

If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Voelker at (202) 717-8705 ext 102.
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